(European Project, contract no. IST-2000-30039)

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Humourous Agent for Humorous Acronyms

This project is about introducing computational humour capabilities in future interfaces. Apart from a scientific motivation for the study of humour, there is a more practical perspective. The aim of this project is to assess the state of the art and applied prospects, develop a first demonstrator and thus pose the basis for a serious industrially attractive project about humour. The main goal of the project is the realisation of an acronym generator and reanalyser as a proof of concept in a focalised but non restricted context. In order to implement this system, we are developing general tools for humorous systems. A fundamental tool is an incongruity detector/generator: concretely we need to be able to detect semantic mismatches between word meaning and sentence meaning (i.e. in our case the acronym and its context). For all tools, particular attention will be put on reusability. The working demonstrator will help convince about the feasibility and the potential impact of the enterprise.

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